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My (FISHMAN) Family has a known history of 3 generations in Bobruisk,
Belarus >from approximately 1850 to 1920. In that time period my great
grandfather Isaiah FISHMAN, married Sarah (maiden name unknown) and
had 5 children in Bobruisk.

The oldest son Benjamin married Etta (maiden name unknown) in Lush
(Etta's birth city) (a definite mistake, taken >from a USA Declaration
of Intention) in 1904. They had 6 children >from 1905 to 1918 in Bobruisk.
Etta died in Bobruisk (1918-1920).

All of Benjamin's siblings left Bobruisk between 1907 and 1918 - 3 to the
USA and 1 to Warsaw, Poland. We assume that Isaiah and Sarah died in
Bobruisk (dates unknown).

Benjamin and his 6 children left Bobruisk walking to Warsaw in 1920 or
1922 and came to the USA in 1923. We have the passenger manifests. We
have their European names >from the manifests

The Problem: I can find no reference to my family in JewishGen, LDS family search or any other website. Yes, we have
found records of their lives in the USA, but nothing relating to
their time in Bobruisk. Family lore says that Benjamin owned a farm
and Etta was a schoolteacher.

I have an application for a passport that was granted to my grandfather
Benjamin, but none of the children are listed and under military service
it says "served" It was signed by the chief of the Bobruisk Militia,
but the date was blurred. That is where we got Isaiah and Sarah's

I am trying to find:
Isaiah's parents and siblings, Sarah's maiden name and birth place
Etta's maiden name and birthplace

**I am not sure on how to proceed.**
**I need some ideas >from more experienced genealogists than I am.**
Thank You,

Charles Fishman #575741
Warner Robins, Georgia
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