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Researching about REZNIK and KAMINSKY in Grodno

My name is Jean-Paul MICHEL, >from France.
My grand-father ( the father of my mother, Lucie KAMISKY) was Simon KAMINSKY,
born on the 13th of March 1877 in Grodno, married in 1905 in Paris to
Annette REZNIK, born on the 9th of 0october 1882 in Grodno.
The parents of Simon were Salomon and Rebecca KAMINSKY. The parents of
Annette were Fuhel ( or Fichel)( a butcher) and Elisa REZNIK. My mother
remembers of 3 brothers of Simon : Israel , Haim, and the 3rd
who she has forgotten the name of, but she remembers he was told to be a
shirtmaker in New York. My grand-father was a tailor in Paris.
A niece of Simon, Fanny (Feigele) KSMINSKY, was living in Paris and died
in holocaust (taken in Paris in July 1942). The father of Rebecca was
Benjamin (he sold butter and eggs)

Any kind of information or advise for rearching would be welcome.

Best regards

Jean-Paul MICHEL
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