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David Slater


My great uncle AZIK DEUTSCH (b.1890, d.1942) and entire family >from SLONIM
were victims of the Nazi Liquidation there in 1942. I found Pages of
Testimony at Yad Vashem on the family submitted in Israel in 1956. I am
trying to locate descendants of the POT Submitter, BILHAH KUZNETZ/KOZNITZ
listed as a a neighbor & a cousin, either of the Deutsch family or their
married daughter BASHKA BUKOVITZKI/BUKOWICKI. I am trying to locate
descendants in Israel of the KUZNETZ/KOZNITZ family based on the 1956
address suplied by Yad Vashem: Noakh 15, Kiriat Haim, which I believe is a
suburb north of Haifa.

Any ideas how to proceed? I do not speak Hebrew or read it well.

David Slater
Atlanta, Georgia
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