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My wife is a 2nd cousin to the late David Farfel. I have copies of the
Yizkor book as well as David Farfel's book, the latter of which as I'm sure
you know is written all in Hebrew. Many years ago I began to translate the
book into English for myself; I got up to about page 35 when my poor Hebrew
skills overtook me.

One resource you may not be aware of is that Elka Farfel, David's wife,
recorded an oral history of more than 9 hours in Hebrew, a copy of which is
online with the USHMM in Washington, DC. The URL is . There is an English
index to the recording there. Elka passed away only a couple of years ago.
She was with David in the Naliboki woods during the war.

You may also want to check out the KehilaLinks page for Nesvizh which was
constructed many years ago, at In addition,
all the Revision lists >from 1834 onward are indexed in the All Belarus

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

(I coordinated the most recent research projects for Nesvizh)

"If anyone knows where else I could find more documentation or personal
stories about
the survivors of Nesvizh ghetto, forest family groups, Nesvizh after the
liberation but
before the end of the war, or any personal knowledge of my family there, I
would so
appreciate your help."

Thank you.
Bernice Goll
Philadelphia, PA

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