Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching: Hyman ISCOLDSKY from Mir #belarus

Ivor Barnett <ivorb2001@...>

I am researching Hyman ISCOLDSKY, who lived in Mir. He died in approximately
1900. He had at least 7 children named: Samuel, Jacob and Simon, who went to
Scotland between 1886 and 1902, Simcha and Yitschak, who went to Israel, one
of whom was a founder member of Kibbutz Ein Harod and 2 others who supposedly
went to the USA, 1 of whom lived in New Jersey.
The spelling of the surname ISCOLDSKY is dubious but should be approximate
as I am in possession of naturalisation papers for Simon where he spells his
If anybody has any information that they wish to share, it would be very

Ivor Barnett
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