Belarus SIG #Belarus Re[2]: Towns and villages in Belarus: An Encyclopedia. Volume 1, Book 1. #belarus

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Jon and other interested researchers,

This set is actually: Harady i vioski Belarusi: entsyklapedyia.
Minsk: "Belaruskaia Entsykapedyia", 2004-present. Additional volumes
are still being issued. WorldCat lists the copy nearest you as at
the New York Public Library.

Some of the later volumes are for sale through this website: Search for title: Harady i
vioski Belarusi or Garady i veski Belarusi. Unfortunately volume 1
appears to be out of print. You could send an email to the book
service to ask if they do have it.

If this does have information on all the towns and villages of Belarus, an
index might be an useful thing for the Belarus SIG to create. It's
held at: University of Chicago, Stanford University, University of
California-Berkeley, Yale, Library of Congress, Harvard, Princeton
University, New York Public Library, University of Pittsburgh, University =
of Manitoba, Waseda University-Japan and the British Library.

Jenny Schwartzberg
The Newberry Library
Chicago, IL

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