Belarus SIG #Belarus Researching the surnames GUTTMACHER, GUTMACHER, GUTMAKER and GUTMAKHER #belarus


Dear Genners,I'm researching the surname GUTTMACHER (also GUTMACHER,
GUTMAKER and GUTMAKHER), my mother's family, originally >from Teplik,
Russia, now Ukraine.FamilyFinder has enabled me to connect with my cousins
in Philadelphia and very recently, cousins >from Warsaw, Poland.
While we're not certain,there is a possibility that we (especially those
families >from the Pale) may all be descended >from one family that includes
Rabbi Elijahu GUTTMACHE, who was born in Borek, Posen (Poznan) eastern Germany
(now Poland) and known as the Tzadik of Grtz.If you are a descendant of
GUTTMACHER, GUTMACHER, GUTMAKER or GUTMAKHER,I would love to hear >from you.

Please contact me off-list.
Caryn Levinson, USA

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