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I just became a member of JewishGen yesterday. I joined in the hope of
discovering more about my ancestry. Prior to joining I did some work
on Unfortunately I could not find any relevant
information about the Ferdinand family beyond my grandfather. The
following summarizes what I have learned.

1. His name in the US was Lewis FERDINAND
2. I found a WW1 draft Registration Card for both Lewis and Joseph
Ferdinand in which they seek deferment based on the fact that they
support their parents. Unfortunately the parents are not identified.
3. My father, Eugene was one of Lewis' two sons. He was born in 1919.
The other son Gerald, my uncle was born a few years later. Gerald's
children (my cousins) are all accounted for as are their children and
4. Lewis was born in Minsk Russia in 1894 and immigrated to the US as
a child based on the census records I uncovered.
5. Lewis was married to Beatrice Kaufman (Bertha, Birdie) and lived in
and around Essex County NJ.
6. In searching the Ellis Island records I found a Lieb FERDINAND
arriving on the SS Pennsylvania in 1902 accompanied by his mother
Raschelle, brother Joseph and sister Sossi. His DOB is consistent
with my research. The record indicates that the fare was paid by
Raschelle's husband who was not listed on the manifest. Most likely
he preceded her to the USA.
I'm pretty sure Leib became/is Lewis but I would like to find
information on his Russian lineage and siblings.

I would be grateful for any assistance your group can provide.

Gregory Ferdinand
Randolph NJ USA
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