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Hello BelarusSIG

I am researching the SZACHER family >from Brzesc.

My wife's grandmothers were sisters Rochma HOFFER nee SZACHER and Bluma
GREEN nee SZACHER. We believe they were born and possibly married in Brzesc

Rochma SZACHER b. around 1885 married David HOFFER b. 1879 and Bluma SZACHER
b. around 1899 married Abraham GREEN b.1893. According to Yad Vashem
testimony the parents of Rochma and Bluma are possibly Schlomo and Esther

As far as I know Rochma HOFFER nee SZACHER and Bluma GREEN nee SZACHER moved
to Czestochowa and either were killed in the city or were transported to
Treblinka in 1942-3. I can not find any of their birth or marriage records
in Czestochowa so I am investigating whether these records may be in Brzesc
My goal is to find the birth and marriage records of Rochma and Bluma.
I also want to identify their parents and determine who their other siblings


Walter S. Elias
St. Louis Park Minnesota =
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