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Anne Kenison

Hi Genners,

Before getting to the exciting news, let me clarify that the Horodok in question
is now Haradok, Belarus, at 54 09 N 26 55 E, 32 miles WNW of Minsk.
It is not the Horodok near Vitebsk.

A group of Belarussian and international scholars, educators, intellectuals,
artists, etc., has been working for some time on a project to celebrate and
commemorate the rich Jewish heritage of this shtetl.

This group is having its second planning meeting in mid-June and I, as a
granddaughter of a Horodoker, am very pleased that I will be able to attend
part of it. I have offered to present to the group any personal stories, photos,
family histories, or other mementos I am able to collect >from descendants
of Horodokers or others who would like to contribute to this effort.

So, my purpose in writing in this forum is to reach as many people as possible
who may have something they would like to share. What you send may well end
up in a local museum in Haradok, located on what is becoming a Jewish heritage
tourism route in this part of the Pale of Settlement.

I am leaving the US in late May, and would like to assemble all contributions
in a travel-friendly format. If you have something you would like to share,
please contact me privately as soon as possible so that you can be represented.

Thank you to those who have already sent me memorabilia, and thank you in
advance to others I hope to hear >from soon.

Anne Kenison

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