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Lesley K. Cafarelli

Guy Levin asked whether a 1912 notation of Zaslav as last residence of Isak
Leibson on a ship manifest is likely to be Zaslavl, Belarus, or Izyaslav,
Ukraine. I have been researching a few Boston families >from Izyaslav, and
their manifest entries all give the town name as Zaslav.

More to the point, I checked the passenger list entry for Isak, who is
listed as "Iczik," and it gives the location of his nearest relative (his
wife) as Zaslavl, Woly. "Woly." is an abbreviation for Wolyn, also written
Volyn or Volhynia, a gubernia of northwestern Ukraine. My paternal
grandparents came >from Shepetovka and Slavuta, which are near Izyaslav.

To confirm this reading, Guy should try to obtain Isak's naturalization
records, as well as those of Schmul (his son?), with whom he was traveling.
I suggest also checking the Jewishgen Ukraine Database and Yad Vashem
database, which may list others with the Leibson surname (and variants) from
the town and area.

"If I recall correctly, according to what I've seen on JewishGen, Zaslav
could be the Yiddish pronunciation of both Zaslavl, Belarus and Izyaslav,

Lesley K. Cafarelli
Minneapolis, MN

Researching (among others): KISNER/KIRZHNER/KIRZNER/KIRSCHNER and
MAZER/MAZUR/MAMZEL (Shepetovka, Ukraine), KOTEL and FEL (Slavuta, Ukraine),
SHPANGER and NIMOI (Izyaslav, Ukraine)

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