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My father-in-law's family is named BEIZER and several of them came to
Hartford, Connecticut USA in the 1890-1910 time frame. I don't really
have enough information on them to make the jump back to the old country
but if anyone has any information on these folks (or is researching them
please do tell me.
I think these guys are brothers:

Simon "Shimon" Beizer born 1867-1871 in Brestlitovsk White Russia.

Nathan "Natyn" Beizer born 1865 in Vilnious Goberna "Cologne" Lithuania.

Morris Beizer born 1875 in Russia.

Each of their tombstones list the father as Yehudah Leib.Other than that
I don't have good sources for any of the information above. It is mostly
family lore.

Also in Hartford is another tombstone for Jacob Issac Beizer which lists
a father as Aryeh Leib.

One specific question I have is this: is the Yehudah Leib a full name or
just a first/middle name? (and same for Aryeh Leib?) When I do start
looking for records in Europe am I looking for Yehudah Leib Beizer or
Yehudah Leib?

I'm researching their lives in Connecticut now but then hope to switch to
old country research early next year.I'll probably have more questions then.

Thanks for any help.

Joshua Levy
in Silicon Valley California USA.
Also interested in Meyer Levy in San Jose California 1850 (and Bavaria
before that)
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