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Recently I was able to identify many relatives of my grandfather Israel
ZLOTNIK who came >from Ivanovo, Belarus. I am now trying to see if I can
locate the descendents of those relatives.

I'm starting with my grandfathers brother Abram Yankel ZLOTNIK who was
married to someone named Yanov. They had four daughters: Tzirlya,
Golde-Beylya, Norma, and Rivka. They had one son: Menakhem.

Tzirlya circa 1883 married Aron KERNER circa 1884 >from Terespol,
Belarus. I have no further information on them.

Golde-Beylya circa 1887 married David PERELMUTER circa 1889 >from Lomazy,
Belarus. I have no further information on them.

Norma born 21 May 1897 in Brest-Litovsk, Belarus died 13 Jan 1990 Los
Angeles, CA. She married her cousin Benjamin OSEPLANSKY born 15 Nov 1889
in Russia(?) died 7 Sep 1953. They had one: daughter Gloria and two
sons: Alfred born 28 Oct 1922 died 28 May 2007 Riverside, CA, and Jacob.

Rivka born 21 Oct 1899 in Brest-Litovsk, Belarus. I have no further
information on her.

Menakhem circa 1887 married Khana ZASS circa 1891 >from Brest, Belarus.

Any information would be appreciated.

Sam Glaser
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