Samuel DESBECKER of Buffalo m, sister of Daniel SHIRE (1826-1891) #usa

Paul King <samorai@...>

I am trying to find a quick and painless route of identifying the name of
the wife of Samuel DESBECKER of Buffalo. He married a sister of Daniel SHIRE
(1826-1891). No mention in Adler & Connolly's excellent ">from Ararat to

In addition, if anyone has access to Philadelphia port entries, I wish to
know whether a Charles KING (or Karl KONIG) entered in summer of 1857 (>from
Bohemia/Bavaria/Germany/Austria - customary interchange of country of origin

Paul King Jerusalem <samorai@...>

Seeking KOENIG/KONIG in NYC SHIRE in Buffalo, Syracuse, Chicago
SCHEUER (Chicago/Milwaukee)

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