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Paula Blank

My great grandfather, Meyer Pasamanick, lived >from approximately
1860-1907 in Belarus. He was a surveyor/forester/logger. In 1884,
his oldest daughter was born in Baranowitz. In 1899 a child was
born in Rusinovich (12 km >from the nearest synagogue). In 1910 the
family was in Lechowitz (Lyakhovichi). They left in 1914. There is
a Pasamanick family in Nesvizh (where his wife's family was from)
- but he is not listed on any revision list on jewishgen. All of
these towns are very close to one another. I think he may have
been missed in the revision lists because he was in the forest.
Any ideas?
Paula Blank
Researching: PASAMANICK (Lyakhovichi/ Nesvizh), LEYT (Nesvizh),
LUKIN (Slutsk), KOZLIN (Slutsk)

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