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Hi Genners,
I am trying to find information on my great uncle Mendel POCK/POK. He
and all his siblings were  born in Globokie in Vilna Guberna circa 1880.
His father was Gabriel and his mother was Zelda Miska. He had at least
two bothers- My GF Israel Moishe born 1880, Lazer Baer born 1875 and a
sister Riva Leah born circa 1885. I have been able to trace what
happened to all of Mendel`s siblings. The only thing I have learned >from
a relative in Israel was that Mendel lived in Leningrad and perished
during WWll. I did see a Mendel Pok or some variation in a Yiskor book
for Globokie and do know that there were Pocks there but have no reason
to believe that the Mendel listed in the book is my great uncle.

Any and all help or ideas is most appreciated. As I write our family
story, I truly hope that Mendel`s life will be more than just two lines.

Thanks for your help.

Rich Friedman
Lakewood, N.J
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Searching for the Kurlandchiks of Seta and Janova and the Pok/ Pocks of=20

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