Belarus SIG #Belarus Weekly Feature: Yizkor Book Spotlight #belarus

Groll, Avraham

Dear Friends,

Beginning this Friday, we will resume posting a brief spotlight
from a Yizkor Book that JewishGen has translated. As many of you
know, the Yizkor books contain vivid accounts of topics ranging
from communal daily life, to the struggles faced during the darkest
days of the Holocaust. If you are not familiar with the JewishGen
Yizkor Book Project, please click here:

The spotlight will be posted weekly on Friday mornings, at 7:00 am
(EST), on our facebook page. You do not need to be a member of
facebook to view this page. The url is:

I would like to thank Mr. Bruce Drake (Silver Spring, MD), for
volunteering his time to do this each week. Mr. Drake has been involved
with JewishGen since 2006. He is currently coordinating the translation
of the Kovel, Poland Yizkor Book (more details here:
while also overseeing the Voynilov, Ukraine KehilaLinks site

We hope that these weekly spotlights will provide a greater
understanding about the lives our ancestors led, and grant a more
profound appreciation for the heritage we share as part of the
broader global Jewish community.

If anyone would like to reach Mr. Drake directly, with comments or
suggestions for future spotlights, please email him at:

Wishing you all the best of luck with your research.

Avraham Groll

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