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Several years ago we formed a BOF (birds of a feather group) for the
town of Maledetchno (or above spelling). Where is
everyone. Haven't heard anything about this town in years and need to
research how I am related to JOSEPH ZARETSKY
who emigrated to NYC then to Philadelphia and some thought he was
buried in NYC. Would have been born in the mid
1800s and married (in Russia that time) Chana ?. He is definitely
related to my grandfather DAVID ZARETKY born 1875
and emigrated to Brooklyn, then Bronx NY.
The other relation I have not been able to see the relation to my
grandfather is RACHAEL ZARETSKY who went to UK
first, had two children and emigrated to New eventually
to Binghamton NY. These are my two "bricks"....
and since I am nearing 90 would like to solve this before I die.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Micki Potchinsky
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