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Carola Murray-Seegert

I recently discovered an excellent resource - a Belorussian website
called "My Shtetl: The voice of Jewish Settlements." It contains oral
histories, family memories, photos and historic texts >from the Minsk,
Vitebsk and Mogilev regions of Belarus (Grodno, Brest and Gomel regions
are still under construction). The site has buttons for English and
Russian versions, but here's the rub: you must search *both* versions,
since shtetls with only Russian texts do not show up on the English
version. I don't speak Russian, but I use the Chrome browser, and have
installed the Google Translate app, so I use that to get an instant
(rough) translation of the Russian pages.

Here is a link to the My Shtetl home page with a map of the regions:

Clicking on a region brings you to a map - blue-starred shtetls have
individual pages. But again, be sure to check both the English and the
Russian versions of the map. There are far more shtetls on the Russian
map than the English one, and the English town pages do not contain
Russian documents. For example, I am interested in families >from
Byerazino in the Minsk region. If I click on this town on the English
map, I get only one document (Memories of Tsilya Isaakovna Rubinchik
Clicking on the same town on the Russian map, however, yields documents
from seven additional authors

The My Shtetl site is sponsored by the International Center of Culture
'Israel-Belarus' and the Jewish Cultural Center Mishpoha in Vitebsk. and
is supported by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany.

Carola Murray-Seegert

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