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Courtney Klein


I am trying to use jewishgen's "List of Slonim Martyrs extracted from
the memorial pages", and have stumbled across an issue. I was always
under the following impression: the relationship to the Eulogizer
meant how the victim was related to the person who had passed away. I
know gender's have been mixed up often (ex: it says niece when both
names mentioned are male) but didn't know their could be another
issue. Then recently I was able to get in contact with a relation of
the man in the line very first line-- Yosef Yakimovsky and the
question became who is Avraham Ahronson? It says Yosef is the "father"
of Avraham. At first I thought this could mean father in law, but
Yosef only had 2 daughters--one never married and the other married a
Botwinski. Avraham can not be Yosef's father in law either--assuming
relationship is flipped---as Yosef's wife was Mirka Solodovnik. Any
help is appreciated to sort out everything. Thanks!

Courtney Klein
Illinois, USA
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