Belarus SIG #Belarus Orsha: spreadsheet of 1,000+ Ellis Island arrivals available #belarus

Andy Monat

If you are researching family who lived in Orsha, you may be
interested in a list of roughly 1,000 arrivals of people >from Orsha at
Ellis Island that I have compiled. Orsha is a town in eastern Belarus,
formerly in Mogilev gubernia and now in Vitebsk gubernia. I embarked
on this project while researching the RIVLIN, HOLMAN/GULMANN, APKIN,
GREENBURG, and PERLI families.

I put together the list by using the Ellis Island database search form
on JewishGen, taking into account a large number of spellings of the
town name, including Arscha, Orcha, Orsa, Orsche, Orshe, Orscho,
Orshi, and many more including misreadings like "Orselia". There are
undoubtedly immigrants' names which were included and should have been
left off, and vice versa - for some town name transcriptions it's hard
to tell which town is meant!

One virtue of this list is that it is short enough to skim the entire
thing looking for names you care about, even if they were indexed
incorrectly and thus might not show up in your searches. Since it is a
spreadsheet, you can sort it by name or arrival date.

If you are interested, send me an email and I will reply with the
spreadsheet. Also if you have any information to share about the
surnames I mentioned above I would greatly appreciate hearing from

Andy Monat
Melrose, Massachusetts, USA

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