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Dear Fellow Researchers,

My great-grandfather was Yankel (became Jacob known as Jack) Rudnitsky
born Dec 1876. He and his family emigrated to the US before 1907, his
wife Ester Chaiter and daughter Dora followed him in Nov 1906 (he had
come previously though I don't have the record despite searching). I
have the ship record for the women which states their last residence
as Cholmitz.

I knew >from family history that he had brothers Pinya (who also
emigrated to the US), and Moishe Aaron & Louie and a sister (about
whom I heard nothing). I found Jack's SSDI record and lo and behold
there were his parent's names: Israel Rudnitsky and Freida Philip. I
searched MyHeritage family trees in Russian for Yankel Israelevich
Rudnitsky and found family trees with all the brothers and the sister;
place of birth noted as Kholmech (English spelling) in modern day
Belarus which phonetically may well have been the Cholmitz on the ship
record for wife and daughter.

How do I go about trying to find birth or marriage records for Yankel
and his family in Kholmech? Or birth or death records for other
extended family members? Burial places? Would be grateful for any
advice, or if this family has a link to one of yours, to know more
about that.

Best regards,
Jennifer Taylor

Rudnitsky/Rudnicki - Kholmech, Belarus
Chaiter - Tulchin, Ukraine
Tinowitsky/Tanner - Slonim, Belarus
Dinov - Russian Empire

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