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Shlomo Gurevich

Comparing recently obtained Mogilev gubernia=E2=80=99s 1907' Duma Voters Lists
1912, I found out that the both of them contain approximately the same
number of records and the same level of representation of Jewish population.

On the other hand, though the time interval between them is relatively small,
substantial number of names is present on one of them and absent on the
other. In some cases there is difference in details such as spelling, a
second name, a patronym, place of residence, property value, etc. I luckily
discovered the patronym of my Great Grandfather Girsh Wolfson >from Monastyrshchina
which was not present on 1912 lists.

The full article as well as both 1907' and 1912' lists of Chislavichi Jewish
voters can be found at Jewish Chislavichi website at

Shlomo Gurevich
Hoshaya, Israel

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