Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching: ADLER/PINCHANSKI/CHEPLOVOTSKY from Baranovichi #belarus


My family on my father's mother's side came >from the town of
Baranovichi - today Belarus but then Poland
Her maiden name was Pinchanski - she was one of 8 children, 4 of whom survived
the war - she married my grandfather whose name was Adler ( we believe may
have been changed )and have no information on his side
They immigrated to South Africa just before the war
I am also trying to find out more about my grandmother's mother's
family ( name of Cheplovotsky) who was the eldest of 14 children.
We know of only 2 other siblings of those 14 and am hoping to find out more
about the unknown siblings.
Any information on the Adler/Pinchanski/Cheplovotsky families would be
Thank you
Leslie Adler

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