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My wife's grandmother, Galia BRANZBURG (Gilula) is looking for her
maternal side relatives, she did mtDNA test of FTDNA

She was born in Vitebsk Belarus ~1936 (she is alive yet the date is

I found her father's side his name was Tsodik BRANZBURG he had a lot of
something made him leave to Birubijan during the 30's.

Galia with her Mother Dvoira and Grandmother Hanna (Channa) evacuated
toward Astrakhan before the WWII (~1941)

Hanna and Dvoira died in some hospital somewhere in the Astrakhan area,
they died >from coldness and starving.

Galia was only ~5 years old, during the being at Astrakhan Galia's
mother & grandmother met Fruma, after their death , more accurate after the WWII
at 1946 Fruma took Galiya to her (Fruma) aunt Fiega Resnik in belts Moldova,
during the travel Fruma lost all Galia's documents so Galia only
remembers the names that were mentioned, Galia lived there with adoptive parent.
Fiega Resnik since 7 till she married to Itzhak Gilula when she was 25.

Fiega Resnik had few kids of her own that were envy to Galia thus Galia
worked very hard at Fiega house jobs.

She would be very happy if she could somehow find more information>about
her mother/Grandmother Channa or even other details about her maternal

Thanks for any assistance

Arye Nudelman
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