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Jenny Rappaport <jennyrappaport@...>

I'm interested in finding records for my family in Belarus >from the
early 1900s through the beginning of World War II. I'm most interested
in the period of the 1920s and 1930s. I have many names (>from two
different parts of my family), but no idea where to even start looking
for the material. They don't turn up in searches of the databases on

One part of my family was >from the Vileika area, although some members
may have moved to Minsk or Smorgon. One part of my family was in
Lyakhovichi. In the case of the family in Lyakhovichi, I've written to
several archives/local governments in Belarus, but received no answer.

If anyone could advise where to go next in my research, I'd greatly
appreciate it.

Jenny Rappaport
New Jersey

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