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Susan Slusky <segslusky@...>

The 1906 Borisov Uyezd Duma Voters List includes tax paying males over 24 years
old >from the whole Borisov district, so Zembin, Dokshitsy, Logoisk, Smolevichi,
etc., as well as Borisov. At present only the second half of the list has been
transcribed and entered into the JewishGen Belarus database. Recently, in
conjunction with Paul Zoglin, I transcribed the names on the first half of the
list that seemed possibly Jewish. These names won't be uploaded into the
JewishGen Belarus database until 2020. In the meantime one can peruse the new
names list as a Google spreadsheet.

I can't include the link to the spreadsheet in this email because of the
mailing list restrictions. The link now appears in the Borisov KehilaLink
on the Czarist Records sub-page.

Susan Slusky
Borisov KehilaLink Webmaster=

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