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My guess about why my grandparents said they were >from Babroisk rather
than the small shtetl that they probably actually were >from is several
reasons. Very few people knew where Karpilovka was, but most people
knew where Babroisk was. It's like saying you are >from Los Angeles
rather than >from Bell Gardens, a tiny town near LA. Also, I think they
were sent to Babroisk for school and went to Babroisk for the doctor.
My grandfather's brother was born in Babroisk, but his entry document
listed Karpilovka as place of closest relative. And lastly there was a
thriving Babroisker Ferain where they lived (emigre group from
Babroisk and probably like my grandparents, also >from nearby

I've looked for the family in all the Babroisk documents found online
so far and the only one was the birth of my great uncle. Also a first
cousin of my grandfather told her daughter that the wolves would howl
outside their door, and they would bang their shoes against the door
to make them go away. And finally, the family ran a flour mill and
supposedly owned an orchard. Doesn't sound like a city of 600,000.

Marsha Epstein
Los Angeles, CA

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