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Spyridon De Castro Leon <sdecastro@...>

I do not know my Jewish family history due to my father rejecting his
from DNA analysis the following tentative picture emerges:
A Portuguese/Spanish family goes through Holland to Germany (possibly
Bavaria) then Bohemia and eventually Bessarabia.
The family business seems to be the Tea and spice trade >from India (Assam)
to Europe, at some point the Tsar asks the family for logistical help with
the Caucasus war, a member of the family enters the Army (Cossacks) and gets
decorated with nobility conferring orders and medals,
Subsequently in 1867 he is hired by Greece as an army logistics advisor and
enters Greek army service at the time of the Tsar's grand daughter's
marriage to George the new king of Greece. One of the sons, Yakov (my
ggrandfather) changed his religion and name.

Dna relative proven claim to Ukrainian Russian aristocracy seems to indicate
some assimilation, may have been the conduit for the Tsars request.

Some in the family believed our name had the prefix 'De' others deny it, the
only matching family I found on the net is De Gunzburg , was this family
ever in the spice trade? Did any member of that family or a branch enter the
Russian military?

I understand that the family intramarried a lot, probably within the
Portuguese jewish community of AustroHungary and Bessarabia.

It seems in the 60's there was an attempt to convert my father to our
historical religion, as a child I thought that Maimonides was a family
friend ... then there was this couple coming to my house when I was a child
asking me to go live with them, weird ...

Anyway, if any part of this story make any sense to those with Historical
knowledge please email me .

Spyridon De Castro Leon (Georgiou)
London, Britain

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