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Pat Fuller

Dear Bessarabians:

Thanks so much, Yefim, for giving us this opportunity! I will try not to
make this too long.

My paternal grandparents came >from Bessarabia. My grandfather, Benjamin
Moses ROITMAN, was born in Karpineny (now Carpineni) on 18 Feb 1881. My
grandmother, Esther FAINBOIM, was born in Romanovca (I believe this is the
very small village near Cornesti on the Romanian border, not the larger
Romanovka on the Ukrainian border that is now Basarabeasca), in about 1892.
They married in Bessarabia, had two children, Sam, who died at age 2, and
Liba (Lillian), who was born on 5 Feb 1911 and just celebrated her 101st
birthday! In 1913-14, Benjamin and Esther immigrated to the U.S. changed
their name to REDMAN, and settled in Roscoe, South Dakota, where my father,
Joseph Gabriel REDMAN, was born on 16 Jan 1916.

I have been relatively lucky with my grandmother's family, because FAINBOIM
is not a very common name. My grandmother's parents were Nukhim and Hinda
FAINBOIM (born about 1850). According to an unverified family story, they
originally came >from Poland where their parents were killed in a pogrom, and
they and other orphaned infants were taken to an orphanage in Bessarabia,
where they lived and raised 9 children, 8 girls and 1 boy. My grandmother,
Esther, was the youngest. Her siblings were Chana, Feiga, Leib, Rivka,
Ruhel, Udel, and Sheiva. I have traced Chana's family, and have corresponded
with and met several of her descendents. I have not been able to trace the
other siblings, although I know that some went to Israel and some (possibly)
to South America. Nukhim died of natural causes in about 1930, and Hinda was
killed while running >from Nazis in Zhitomir, Ukraine, in 1941, at age 91
(according to a Yad Vashem POT).

I have not been so lucky with my grandfather's family, because ROITMAN is
such a common name in that area. I have found out nothing about his family
in Europe. I know only (>from U.S. records) that his father's name was Isaac
Moses ROITMAN and his mother's name was Toba SHKOLNIK, and that he had
brothers. According to my father, at least one (maybe two) of my
grandfather's brothers (or uncles?) was a blind cantor. (I know there is a
famous cantor David ROITMAN, but I can't find a connection.) The only other
relatives of my grandfather that I know about are his first cousins, the
RAICH family (originally RACHBUCH) >from Hoceni. There were 4 boys: Jacob,
Samuel, David, and Joseph, all of whom immigrated to the U.S and settled in
Greenway, South Dakota, where my grandparents joined them when they first
came to the U.S. I believe (>from U.S. documents) that their mother was a

That is probably enough information for now. If anyone knows of any
connections to this family, please contact me! Thank you.

Patricia (Redman) Fuller (
Simi Valley, California, USA

Researching: In Bessarabia/Moldova: FAINBOIM in Romanovca or Sculeni;
RAICH or RACHBUCH in Hoceni; ROITMAN in Carpineni; SHKOLNIK in ?.
In Lithuania: FREDE and NATHANSON in Taurage; KAPLITS and MUSS in Ukmerge;
In East Prussia (now Russia): GOLDBERG and LIPPMAN in Kaliningrad (formerly

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