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Alan Levitt

Although I have been posing questions to relatives for more than 35 years and a
member of Jewish Gen for more than 25, only in recent years have I become more
detective-like in my quest to learn more about Bessarabia circa 1905, when my
family left Kishinev for Montreal and the U.S. Often, when something pops into my
mind, it can quickly lead me to my computer where I push other tasks (or household
responsibilities) aside so I can access websites, peruse records, or explore a new
way of spelling a family name... sometimes for hours.

My goal is not how many are on my tree, or how far back I can go, but what I can
learn about my ancestors, and their lives. When I tell my cousins (I have 15 first
cousins) that my grandmother paid 48 silver rubles dowry to my grandfather in
1896, or even the name of my grandfather's mohel, I get interesting responses, in
part because most thought such records no longer existed. I know that my great
grandfather's stable and carriage business was in an area called Yontel's dorf or
"gasse" - a small lane off a main street, and that there is a sports stadium built
over it now. Yefim, who reads Russian, showed me where on one of the maps on
our website.

My dead end for my Kishinev grandparents, Shaya LEVITT and his wife
Nekhama (GURMAN), is finding out how and when they left Kishinev in
1905/6 (I think they he preceded her leaving for Montreal). Neither can I find
immigration records for when they entered Canada. I had hoped such
documentation would provide other clues. Part of my Bessarabia history is on
our SIG's website under Family "Memoirs, stories." Being involved with our SIG
and serving as the Bessarabia Discussion Group Moderator has been a real
learning experience for me because even reading about other families, I learn
about the environment where my own family lived.

Alan Levitt
Bessarabia Discussion Group Moderator

SHIMSHELEVITCH (and about sicx other spellings), KIVELEVITCH in
Lyubcha (near Novagrudek) in Belarus

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