Bessarabia SIG #Bessarabia SIG member to present at IAJGS Boston #bessarabia

Jane Neff Rollins

I, too, will be presenting in Boston and would love to meet up with fellow SIG members. Although it
is not specific to Bessarabia, my presentation will be relevant to all those who have, or are likely to
obtain, documents >from Bessarabia. "Interpreting 19th Century Russian Language Documents" is
a "quick and dirty" introduction to recognizing names and the basic words in hand-written Cyrillic
that appear in most birth, marriage, and death documents >from that era. I got a lot of positive
feedback when I presented it la year at IAJGS in Paris.

Be well, do good work and stay in touch...

Jane Neff Rollins
La Crescenta CA USA

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