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Jules Feldman

Shneur Zalman RIVLIN, (1872-1949) my wife's grandfather, was born in
Kochanova, Belarus and died in Tel Aviv . When I discovered that my wife's uncle, Menachem
RIVLIN, was born in Bendery in 1903, I was at first convinced that the reference was to Vendrez in

However we have discovered over the years that Shneur Zalman was not the
only one of his family to live in Bendery. Living in Bendery in the years between 1900 and WW1
in addition to Shneur Zalman were:
His brother, Yakov RIVLIN, who was married to Sima Serafima BOGARAD and
their 7 children.
His sister Fruma Dvora RIVLIN and her husband Avraham Shimon ALEXANDROV who
was a Bank Manager and Printer. They were childless and Fruma died in Tel
His sister Chana RIVLIN who was married to her first cousin Efraim Fishel
RIVLIN who was probably born in Chernikov. They had 6 children. One grandson
Feivel RIVLIN and his wife Genia DOLINER lived in Bendery until the
Evacuation in 1941. After WW2 they settled in Omsk.

A more distant relative Elchanan RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG, born in Karola, also
lived in Bendery. In 1906 he and his son,Yosef RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG, appear in
the Duma voters list.

Yosef RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG's children were apparently born in Bendery:
Boris (Dov Ber) "Berko" RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG (1872) - 1917 he was in St
Lipa Lipman RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG (1875) later he was in Kishinev
Chana Gnessia RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG (1877). She was married to a Dr. WUNDERBAR
and was murdered in 1941 in Jelgava, Latvia.
Yitschak Isaac NICHOLSHPURG (1879) who in 1909 married Chana Miriam ZONIS in

Will be grateful for any further information on these families.
It seems to be that we have here a distinct case of chain migration from
Belarus to Bendery. Was this common? The usual pattern of chain migration
appears to have been to the New World. Can anyone point out similar cases?

Jules Feldman
Yizreel, Israel

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