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Yefim Kogan

from Marie Barak, Marie Barak <>
On the birth register of my grandfather Nahman Barac, Nua Sulita 1890 (now
Ukraine), the language is romanian. As for his siblings.
In his french naturalization papers is written that he was born in Russia.
So why are the registers are written in romanian?

I read that this small town was divided in 2 parts, on one side of the Prut,
the austrian part, on the other side the russian part.

How can I know in which part my grandfather lived?

I know that my grandfather spoke yiddish, german, russian, and other local
languages. As a jew he couldn't study (he learned as "extern").
Which could be proof that he lived on the russian side (numerus clausus),
but his father Moishe Barak was supposed to be a member of the austrian
chamber of commerce as a grain merchant (a relative living in Chile told me

One of his nephew, Nahman Zisman, studied in Czernowiz in german...

Berlin, Germany

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