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Logan J. Kleinwaks

Seven Bessarabian directories are now full-text searchable at
Bessarabia Gubernia Address-Calendars for 1902, 1906 (partial), 1909, 1910, and 1913;
Chishinau and Bessarabia Directory for 1924 (Anuarul Orasului Chisinau si al judetelelor din
Basarabia si cu Calendarul);
and Chisinau Directory for 1940 (Anuarul Chisinaului).

More will be added in the coming weeks. Searching with
default parameters will include these and all 1400 other sources, or
you can restrict your search to only these directories by changing the
"Any Place" option to "Moldova." (Note that Bessarabia is also
included in some directories with wider scope, such as the entire
Russian Empire, which will not be included if you restrict your

The Bessarabia Gubernia directories are written in Russian, the 1924
directory is in Russian and Romanian, and the 1940 directory is in
Romanian. If you enter a search term (e.g., surname) in Latin
letters, Russian transliterations will automatically be searched for,
too, with the default "Add Latin -> Cyrillic" option. You can also
use Cyrillic in your search term.

These directories were digitized by the Moldavica National Digital
Library, part of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova.
Search results on link directly to matching
images on the Moldavica website. Please note that you might need to
scroll down on the linked Moldavica webpages to see the images.

If you wish to browse the directories, instead of searching, you can
find links at

For updates about new searchable sources, you can subscribe to the
email list at

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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