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Rachelle Litt

To follow up on my previous post May 2nd. I am still waiting to hear
from Silvia SOLON WURCELMAN. This time I posted on her Facebook
account to alert her to the message I sent last week in case she did
not see it. If no response a lovely Genner has offered to make phone
contact in Brazil. In the meantime I was wondering how I might
research the death records of Meyer ZNAIDE (SNAYDE) and his wife
Tsilya in Sao Paulo Brazil? Birth records for Sara ZNAIDE (IANKEL)
would also be helpful. She is still alive understand and about 95
years old. Any business records that are available on the matzo
factory or property records that might give me some more information
until I can reach the family would also be helpful. I have a residence
address. What about census information for Sao Paolo? 1930 was the
year the letter was sent to my grandfather and the matzo factory
opened in 1936. I tried contacting the matzo factory by e-mail also
but no reply. Thanks for any direction on this one- so close...

May 2
Through the help of some amazing Genners I have received the e mail
address and phone number for Sara IANKEL daughter Silvia Solon in São
Paulo Brazil and her phone number. The contact's mother in law lived
in the same apartment building as Sara who is still alive and in her
90's. 3 days ago I sent Silvia an e mail and sent copies of my letters
written in Yiddish, the translations to English to these letters that
were handed down by my grandfather and are >from his Aunt and Uncle
Meyer and Tsilya ZNAIDE Silvia's grandparents and the founders of the
M SNAYDE matzo factory in Brazil. I am excitedly awaiting a response.
I translated my letter into Portuguese using google translate in case
she does not speak English. My next step would be to ask my contact
to reach out through a phone call to determine if Silvia speaks
English before I make a long distance phone call. Thanks to all who
have weighed in on this so far. I am so close to punching a whole in a
brick wall. Any other help or suggestions are welcome.

Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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