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Dear Friends:

A series of articles >from Euxeinos (2014), entitled: "Moldova: A Borderland's Fluid History, was just
posted in the Online Journal of the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe. The guest
editors for this series are Diana Dumitru and Petru Negura. Euxeinos is published by the University
of St. Gallen, Switzerland (URL:, ISSN 2296-0708).

To read these articles, which collectively run to about 118 pages, and trace the long history of
Bessarabia/Moldova, please go to the following URL:

You may have to sign up to to access the articles. But the sign-up is free and the
site is a great source of articles of Jewish historical and genealogical interest.



Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D.
Potomac, Maryland

REINES, Khotin (with possible connections to Novoselitsa and Kishinev)

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