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As always, there is quite a lot to tell you about the activities of the
Yizkor Book Project over the past month. To begin with, no less than three
books were published by our very own Yizkor Books in Print (YBIP) Project
and they are:

- "Memorial Book of Bolekhov " (Bolekhiv, Ukraine)
- "Rokitno-Wolyn and Surroundings; Memorial Book and Testimony" (Rokytne,
- "The 51st Brigade; The History of the Jewish Partisan Group >from the
Slonim Ghetto (Slonim, Belarus)

To say that this is a remarkable achievement is a definite understatement
and I do sincerely thank Joel Alpert and his dedicated volunteer team for
preparing these and a grand total of 42 books that have already been brought
to print. Please be aware that apart >from these books being printed as hard
copies, the books themselves are still freely available in the Yizkor Book
site, including English books that were presented to us to be published. For
instance, the "51st Brigade" book noted above is also listed and available
in the Yizkor Book Index:

More and more are people realizing that to facilitate the translation of a
particular Yizkor Book, the recommended way is to set up a JewishGen
Translations Fund to pay for the professional translation of the book. The
fund enables those people interested in the book >from a particular
community to donate towards the common goal of having it translated and for
US citizens, the donations to JewishGen are tax deductible.

During October, a further new Translations Fund was set up for the Biala
Podlaska (Poland) Yizkor Book and I do invite people with connections to
this community or any of the other community book listed in our
to help support these important projects financially for the benefit of
many, now and for generations to come.

And now for the changes and additions that were carried out in the Yizkor
Book Project over October.

During this last month we have added in 3 new projects:

- Davyd-Haradok, Belarus (David Horodoker Memorial book)

- Pure Soldiers or Sinister Legion

- Slonim, Belarus (The 51st Brigade: The History of the Jewish Partisan
Group >from the Slonim Ghetto)

We have continued to updated 26 of our existing projects:

- Biala Podlaska, Poland (Book of Biala Podlaska)

- Busk, Ukraine (An Eternal Light: Brody in Memoriam)

- Capresti, Moldova (Kapresht, our village; memorial book for the Jewish
community of Kapresht, Bessarabia)

- Czestochowa, Poland (The Jews of Czestochowa)

- Golshany (Olshan), Belarus (The Life and Destruction of Olshan)

- Gorlice, Poland (Gorlice book; the community at rise and fall)

- Gostynin, Poland (Book of Gostynin)

- Less than Human

- Lviv, Ukraine (Lwow Volume: Part I)

- Minsk, Belarus (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City, a memorial anthology)

- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland (Memorial book of Nowy-Dwor)

- Nowy Sacz, Poland (Blood Stained Feathers; The Life Story of a Shoah

- Ozerna, Ukraine (Memorial book of Jezierna)

- Ozerna, Ukraine (Memorial book of Jezierna) [Hebrew]

- Pabianice, Poland (The Pabianice Book: A Memorial for a Community)

- Ratno, Ukraine (Ratno; Story of a Destroyed Jewish Community)

- Rietavas, Lithuania (Memorial book: the Ritavas Community; A Tribute to
the Memory of our Town)

- Ryki, Poland (A Memorial to the Community of Ryki, Poland) [Polish]

- Sosnove (Ludvipol), Ukraine (Ludvipol (Wolyn); in memory of the Jewish

- Suwalki, Poland (Memorial book of Suvalk)

- Tarnogrod, Poland (Book of Tarnogrod; in memory of the destroyed Jewish

- Telsiai, Lithuania (Telsiai Book)

- Turets, Belarus (Book of Remembrance - Tooretz-Yeremitz)

- Uhniv, Ukraine (Hivniv (Uhnow); memorial book to a community)

- Vysotsk, Ukraine (Our Shtetl; Vysotsk memorial book)

- Zelechow, Poland (Memorial book of the community of Zelechow) [Polish]

Some important links to note:

- This month's additions and updates are flagged at to make it easy to find
- All you would like to know about the Yizkor Books in Print Project
- Yizkor Book Translation Funds
where your financial support will assist in seeing more translations go

All the best,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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