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Yefim Kogan

To all Bessarabia/Moldova researchers:

I want to let you know that our Bessarabia SIG had a great year,
and the only way that we can continue with many of our projects is that you
DONATE to this projects.

We are asking donations to Cemetery projects, Yizkor book, and many others.
You can see the list of projects at

If you are interested in a Cemetery project, donating $100 to
Bessarabia-Moldova Cemetery project you can get a whole list of Jews buried
in a cemetery, and also photo or two we may have for a grave you are
interested in (some photos were second or third photo of a grave and we
would be happy to send you them).

If any of you are interested in getting the whole list of Revision records
for a town/shteitle for a year, you can get that by donating $100 to
Bessarabia SIG General fund.

We have an army of volunteers who are doing great job, but in order to pay
to photographers, or Archives we need your support.

Best wishes to you in the New 2016 Year! Have a healthy and happy year.

Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator
Bendery, Tarutino, Akkerman, Kiliya - all in Bessarabia, KHAIMOVICH in
Galatz, Romania, KOGAN in Dubossary, Moldova, SRULEVICH in Shanghai, China

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