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Gary Mokotoff

As to Hebrew and English name equivalents of Eastern European given names,
first realize that when a person had two given names (Example:
Froim-Menashe) the second name was his everyday name (name by which he was
known) and the first name was his religious name (shem kodesh).

So Froim_Menashe was known in life as Menashe and would have chosen as his
English name some "M" name such as Max.

Other names:
Manil (some "M" name)
Mordko (Mordechai, or other "M' name such as Max, Morris)
Jos (Joe, Joseph)
Shmul (Sam, Samuel)
Pinkhas (Paul, Peter, etc.)
Gersh-Leyb (Louis)
Feyge (Fanny)
Zislya (not sure)
Mariem (Miriam)
Rukhlya (Rachel)
Aria-Leyb (Louis)

Gary Mokotoff

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