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Lemberski Evelyne

Search descendants of the family BEILIN (France )

Good evening,

I search the descendants of Nathan famile BEILIN born February 23, 1920 died=
on November 29 1965 and Th=C3=A8rese JOINOVICI BEILIN born wife in 1927 and=
died 2006. The couple lived in Paris and had children. I wish I get in rela=
tionship with the descendants because my paternal grandmother Reizea GURFINC=
HEL OR GURFINCHELI (born in Moldavia Soroca) LEMBERSKI wife appeared as a wi=
tness for Joseph JOINOVICI at his trial in July 1949.
My paternal grandparents lived in an apartment Clichy La Garenne (France) fr=
om 1932 and the previous tenant was Joseph JOINOVICI.
I look for any evidence of the testimony of my paternal grandmother for Jose=
ph JOINVOICI at his trial. Joseph JOINOVICI helped financially my paternal g=
randmother during World War II.
If you have any information, do not hesitate to contact me: evelynelemberski=

Evelyne Lemberski=20
Saint Maurice France=20

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