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R Jaffer

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is proud to announce the publication
of its 55th title, Memorial Book of Brichany, Moldova: Its Jewry in
the First Half of Our Century (Briceni, Moldova) in hardcover. It is
the translation of Britshan: Britsheni ha-yehudit be-mahatsitha-mea
ha-aharona. The original book was written by former residents of
Brichany, edited by Yaakov Amizur, and published in Tel Aviv 1964, in
Hebrew with 296 pages.

This translation is in hard cover, 11in. by 8.5in. and has 336 pages
with all photos and a map.

Available on Amazon for around $40, List Price: $55.95

You will likely want to have this book to find out about the town of
your ancestors and to show it to your children and grandchildren when
they ask you those important questions.

For ordering information, go to:

For orders of 4 or more books to one address in the US, UK or
Australia, we can offer you a significantly reduced price of $25 per
book including shipping (Amazon discount price is about $40 plus
shipping). Email to

Email to to get prices for other locations.

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project now has 55 titles available. To see
all the books, go to:

Alternate names for the town are: Brichany [Russian], Briceni
[Romanian], Britshan [Yiddish], Bryczany [Polish], Bricheni,
Briceni-Targ, Bricheni Targ, Berchan, Brichon, Britshani

Nearby Jewish Communities:
Grimancauti 1 miles N
Bulboaca 5 miles E
Corjeuti 10 miles S
Cepeleuti 11 miles ESE
Lipcani 15 miles WSW
Staraya Ushitsa, Ukraine 15 miles N
Radauti, Romania 16 miles SW
Ocnita 16 miles E
Sokyryany, Ukraine 16 miles ENE
Studenitsa, Ukraine 17 miles NNW
Edinet 17 miles SE
Rujnita 18 miles ESE
Neporotovo, Ukraine 19 miles NNE
Ruseni 19 miles SE
Lipnic 20 miles E
Voloshkova, Ukraine 21 miles ENE

We hope you find this helpful to you and your family in discovering
the history of your ancestors.

PS. May we suggest this book as a birthday, anniversary or holiday
gift for someone special in your family?

Roberta Jaffer
Translation Project Coordinator

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