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Yefim Kogan

Dear Bessarabian researchers,

I am now in Israel visiting family and want to congratulate you and your families with Shmini Hatseret
and Simhat Torah! Let's new year be good to all of us.

Hug Sameah! These words I hear several days on every corner, store, on the streets >from strangers.
Today, an Ethiopian Jew, we met on the street near my mother's apartment, who congratulate us.

Today, I went to a cemetery, visiting my father's grave. The cemetery is to the north of Haifa, in
Krayots, and it is a very large cemetery. A lot of Jews buried are >from the former Soviet Union... how
I know that? It is written on the matsevot. Sometimes it is a town, a person is from. Near my father
is a person >from Brichani, near by >from Georgia, and on that all is written in Georgian language. I saw
also Kishinev, many others >from Bessarabia/Moldova, and of course >from many other regions of the
soviet union. I counted a dozen different languages matsevot is written there. Of course majority
are written in Hebrew, and in many cases the writing is in two languages.

I looked up the JOWBR and did not find that cemetery. there are many cemetery indexed and
photographed in Israel, but I do not think that all information >from Matzevot was translated.

Just want to share with you my experience.

all the best,

Hug Sameah.
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator
Researching KOGAN, SPIVAK, KHAYMOVICH, SRULEVICH, LEVIT in Kaushany,Bendery, Tarutino,
Akkerman, Kiliya - all in Bessarabia, KHAIMOVICH inGalatz, Romania, KOGAN in Dubossary, Moldova,
SRULEVICH in Shanghai, China

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