Bessarabia SIG #Bessarabia Thank you: map translation complete! #bessarabia

Patricia Klindienst <epk13@...>

The swift response to my request for help translating the beautiful old map of Bessarabia into
English means I now have a complete translation, thanks to a generous volunteer in Israel and
another >from Germany. This is the beauty of JewishGen!

Now the project goes to a graphic designer, to see if/how we can create an English twin. I will
post it if/when we are successful.

This is one extraordinary community.

Patricia Klindienst
Guilford, CT

SPIWAK /SPIVAK of Orgeyev & Kishinev, Bessarabia; Mendoza, Argentina; and Queens.
SCHAPOSCHNIK / ZAPOSNEK of Orgeyev, Kishinev, Elisavetgrad, or Mendoza, and their
related names, SHAPIN, SHAPIRO of Mendoza, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and the US.
SCHOCHETMAN of Odessa (who became SCHACHT in the US). MILSTEIN of Orgeyev &
Kishinev. WOLMAN / VOLLMAN of Orgeyev, Kishinev, Capresti.
TSAREVKAN/CIRIFCAN/SARAFCONN of Orgeyev, Teleneshti, Uruguay, becoming COHEN in
the US. BELINKSY of Odessa and Philadelphia. KALIK of Orgeyev, Kishinev, Argentina.
LICHT of Briceva.

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