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Yefim Kogan

Hi everybody,

I did not get any responses >from you yet to work on the Archival projects, but I decided to give you
some samples of what Moldova Archive has, and maybe, just maybe that will convince you to get
involved in these projects. This is my continuation of conference presentation research, and I found
a lot of archival inventories at the Miriam Wiener collection.

- Fond/inventory/file - 3/2/223 The collection of taxes >from the Jewish residence of Brichany, 1837
- Fond/inventory/file - 3/2/554 Revision List for Jews in Novoselitsa, Khotin district (1828-1873)
- Fond/inventory/file - 3/2/914 The case of the granting of a benefit to the Kishinev petty bourgeois
(Middle Class) Rubanovich M. for raising a foundling, 1842
- Fond/inventory/file - 6/3/188 The case about accepting Leyb Levenberg into petty bourgeois
(Middle Class) of Izmail, 1852
- Fond/inventory/file - 6/5/553 The case about election of KOFMAN as a Rabbi in Vad. Rashkov,
Soroki uezd, 1904-1909
-Fond/inventory/file - 152/8/1 List of students in Beltsy Jewish Talmud-Tora, 1894
-Fond/inventory/file - 395/1/71 Information about Jews of Beltsy called up for military service, 1910-11
-Fond/inventory/file - 1862/42/264-986 Personal files of students, Soroki boys Gymnasium
"Ksenopol", 1918-1940 - Includes surnames, names and father's names of about 200 students/
-Fond/inventory/file - 112/1/1482 Property of evacuated Jews, Kaushany, Bendery uezd, 1941

These just a few samples, and the list goes on and on.

This project may help many of us in our personal research.

The first thing we need to do is to organize all the material and be ready either to get digitized
information >from Family Search, that is preferable andI hope that will come soon or if not, work
with Moldovan Archives in getting some of this files. The whole inventory is mostly in Russian,
and need careful translation - that is a project before we get access to the records.

Shana Tovah v'metukah. Have Healthy sweet New Year!

Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

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