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Yefim Kogan

Dear Bessarabers,

We talked recently about new records for town of Soroki: Vital records,
etc.... and I asked for volunteers. One person is working on now on that
project, but we definitely need more people. Only Vital records we had
about 220 pages! Also there are synagogue lists, educational records, etc.
Please come forward to work on one of these projects.

Next important town we have a lot of new records is Ataki (Otaki, Atach),
Bessarabia (Moldova). The copies of originals are also >from Miriam Weiner's
Archival material.

Here is what already done and will be available soon:
- a page with three melameds - teachers at Kheders with total of 26
- a set of records of out-of-town Jews living in towns and villages in Balta
uezd, Podolia guberbia - this is why I sent this message to Ukraine SIG
too. What is interesting about this set - it was located in Moldova Archive
in Kishinev, and that almost all of people were registered in towns in
Bessarabia, including Khotin, Brichany, Kishinev, Ataki, etc. Also that was
a full set, not just an excerpt of records.

Here is what not done yet:

- a set of signatures I found among Revision List, 1854. It looks that
there was a meeting of all Head of Households and everybody who remained in
Ataki signed the Revision. It includes meeting minutes and decisions, and
for each person handwritten surname and fist name in Russian and the
signature of that person in Hebrew/Yiddish (14 images)
- a second set is a correspondence on voting in the Ataki synagogue for the
Rabiner of the synagogue ("starosta") >from 1876-1880 >from Miriam Weiner's
collection. It also includes letters, decisions, and list of names in
Russian and signatures in Hebrew/Yiddish. In this list there were a number
of people illiterate, who did not sign the document
I think this is a very interesting information for people whose relatives
lived in Ataki.

I wish that someone with Russian will come forward to help translating all
this documents.

Actually, I really surprised that no one come forward to lead a project to
Translate Ataki Yiskor book (two volumes). It is incredible material with
a lot of photos >from different period, family stories, and more. For that
we need a person who can translate >from Hebrew. If you can translate just
1-2 chapters, that would be great already.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

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