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Pat Fuller

Hi Fellow Bessarabians -

I just finished reading the new translation of
"Jews of Kishinev," the Yizkor Book for Kishinev. It is a treasure,
beautifully and lovingly put together; and I would recommend it to anyone
with roots in Bessarabia/Moldova, not just in Kishinev. The author presents
the chronological history of Kishinev, >from its earliest days in the 1700s
through the Holocaust. Of course, it's a tragic story, as all Yizkor books
are, but it's well worth reading, in my opinion. Because the original
version was written in 1950, the memories are fresh, and you feel as though
you are really there, with the authors, reliving the good and the bad times.
I have read other accounts of the Kishinev pogroms, for example, but none a
personal as this one. There are direct quotes, plenty of photos, and a
bibliography at the end. Names of prominent people are listed.

I congratulate Sheli Fain, Yefim Kogan, and everyone involved in producing
this beautiful book!

Pat Redman Fuller
Simi Valley, California, USA

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