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Yefim Kogan

Dear researchers,

Here is an update for the Bessarabia SIG projects for the month of March 2019. See also at What's New
at Bessarabia SIG website. There are a number of projects we made a good progress on, like Revision
Lists, Miriam W.'s Archival material, but this time I am only going to updates at the Kishinev Jewish

Kishinev was a main town in Bessarabia, and later in the republic, part of the Soviet Union,
and now it is a capital of independent state Republic of Moldova. The cemetery we are talking about
is one of the largest in the region, but this is counting that about half of the cemetery was destroyed,
and a park was built on the territory. Also when some smaller cemeteries were destroyed during
60-70s, a number of people moved the graves of their loved once to Kishinev Jewish cemetery. In my
family was such a case in 1970s, when my uncle moved grave of his mother >from Kaushany Jewish
cemetery (cemetery was destroyed in 1970s) to Kishinev.

Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:

Completed photographing and indexing sector 4 in Kishinev Jewish Cemetery and sent to JOWBR 1517
burial records with 1371 images and 33 images of Unknown graves can be viewed at Bessarabia SIG
website at Kishinev Jewish Cemetery Report
( ).
or directly at Kishinev Jewish Cemetery Unknown graves
( ).

I want to add that we received a set of photos >from Sector 5 (about 3000!), and part >from sector 3.
Planning to get all photos >from 3, 6 and 7 this year, and remaining 1, 8 and 9 will be photographed
next spring.

Kishinev Jewish Cemetery events report (end of 2018 รข?? February 2019).
( )

Aerial view of Kishinev Jewish Cemetery after major cleaning in December of 2018:
( )

Damaged tombstones after major cleaning in December of 2018 (100+ monuments were damaged or
destroyed): )

If you have any problems with the links,
take the whole string up to ")", and put it into a browser and it should work. Also if you have access to
Kishinev Jewish Cemetery Report, you can go >from there to all other pages on the list above. If you still
have problems, please email me directly.

All the best,
Inna Vayner, Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leaders and Coordinators

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