Re: ETTLINGER - BLOCH - Marriage 1865 NYC - Synagogue? #usa

Valentine <JCL-RSP@...>

Dear Robert,
Using Steve Morse's search aid for accessing the New York marriage
records on the website, I found three possible matches
for your great grandparents:
(1) Bloch, Lyle m. Maggie VanEtten, 3 Aug 1884, Manhattan Certificate
No. 35817;
(2) Bloch, Solomon m. Oettlinger, Celia, 19 Sep 1880, Manhattan
Certificate No. 6082;
(3) Baer, Sam H. m. Ettlinger, Eliza, 29 Jun 1885, Manhattan Certificate
No. 46901.
My own experience with the IGG index is that there are innumerable
mis-spellings, but when one receives a copy of the actual certificate, the
names are spelled correctly. You can download a form for requesting copies
of the original certificate at the IGG website.
Best of luck, Joan C. Lieberman, Boulder, Colorado

Bob Teitelbaum, Ithaca, New York bobtbaum@... wrote:
I have been looking for the marriage of my Great-grandmother and grandfather.
She was Fannie ETTLINGER, born on Thompson Street, Greenwich Village,
New York City 1865.
He was Leopold BLOCH, born Valff, Alsace, France, 1856. They were married
circa 1884 (first child was August 1885).
There is no municipal (New York City) record of a marriage. I am guessing
that the marriage took place in a synagogue in or near Greenwich Village.
Does anyone have an idea what synagogue would have served German speaking
Jews who lived in Greenwich Village? The ETTLINGERs had been in the
Greenwich Village district since 1860. (I have sent this querry to the
GerSIG List.)

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