Bessarabia SIG #Bessarabia Introduction to the Bessarabia SIG website #bessarabia

Ariel Parkansky

Hello everybody,

As many of you know, Bessarabia SIG website (
was completely redone two years ago. The new site contains plenty of new
features and is organized differently than the old one.

I expect that most of you already know how to use it, but in the next days I'll
provide some concepts to help you better understand it so you can take full
advantage of it.

You can also find these concepts on the website page "How to use our
website" under the section "Get started/Get started with this website"

Today's topic is the introduction to the main site concepts and features:

Our SIG's website is town and district oriented. It's mainly composed of three type
of contents:
- Collections of Documents and Datasets: links to information containing people's data.
- Projects: information about projects developed by our SIG (normally to acquire or generate Documents and Datasets).
- Articles: about different topics

Collections, Projects and Articles are related to towns or districts. You can navigate
from one to another through the different links on the pages.
Three features are present on every page of the site:
- Two search boxes are in the upper right corner. One is for general searches. The
other is for town name searches (see the next section).
- The left menu bar allows navigation to anyplace on the site.
- The bottom menu provides direct access to our site map, Board member contact
information, our donations page. It also has a link to our facebook page as well
as links to share our site on some of the popular social media sites.

Ariel Parkansky

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